20 Patterns to
Watch for in Your Engineering Team

A field guide to help you recognize achievement, spot bottlenecks, and debug your development process with data.

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Learn how Data-Driven Engineering Leadership has transformed hundreds of enterprise organizations.

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By analyzing 7 million commits from over 85,000 professional software engineers, GitPrime shares how you can incorporate data-driven insights to effectively lead your software team.

Why We Wrote It

At GitPrime we believe that effective engineering managers are also effective debuggers. 

They view their teams as complex interdependent systems, with inputs and outputs. When the outputs aren’t as expected, great managers approach the problem with curiosity and are relentless in their pursuit of the root cause. They watch their team’s communication style in code reviews and visualize work patterns, spotting bottlenecks or process issues that, when cleared, increase the overall capacity of the team.

By searching for “why” they can uncover organizational issues, and in the process learn more about how their teams work and how they can more quickly resolve these problems in the future.

20 Patterns is a collection of work patterns we’ve observed in working with hundreds of software teams. Our hope is that you’ll use this handbook to get a better feel for how the team works, and to recognize achievement, spot bottlenecks, and debug your development process with data.

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Mathew Spolin, VP Engineering

“GitPrime metrics have completely transformed the way we think about developer productivity.”

Adam Roessler, Engineering Team Lead

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Paulo André, VP Engineering

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Ivana Naeymi-Rad, VP Engineering

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Adam Abrevaya, VP Engineering

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Get the field guide to help you recognize achievement, spot bottlenecks, and debug your development process with data.

20 Patterns to Watch for in Engineering Teams

A field guide to help you debug your development process with data.

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Praise from Engineering Leaders

“If you manage engineers, you need this book. It’s full of fresh solutions to twenty problems which have plagued development teams for decades. I wish I had this book when I became a manager.”

Marcus Blankenship - Technical Coach, and Author of “Habits that Ruin Your Technical Team”

“As I read this, I could picture the engineers I’ve worked with: those who helped level up their team, those who made our codebase more maintainable, and those who may have caused more problems than they solved. This book will be wildly helpful as engineering managers look for opportunities to coach and celebrate their teammates.”

Lara Hogan - Engineering Leadership Coach and Consultant at Wherewithall

What’s Inside

With the right data in the mix, engineering managers can get an objective read on their team.

  • Identify early indicators of bottlenecks before the release slips
  • Visualize knowledge silos to eliminate single sources of failure
  • Understand team collaboration patterns and boost knowledge distribution
  • Recognize when a team or individual is off their normal pattern
  • Spot healthy and unhealthy work relationships
  • Manage scope creep before it causes delays

01. Domain Champion
02. Hoarding the Code
03. Unusually High Churn
04. Bullseye Commits
05. Heroing
06. Over Helping
07. Clean As You Go
08. In the Zone
09. Bit Twiddling
10. The Busy Body



11. Scope Creep
12. Flaky Product Ownership
13. Expanding Refactor
14. Just One More Thing
15. Rubber Stamping
16. Knowledge Silos
17. Self-Merging PRs
18. Long-Running PRs
19. A High Bus Factor
20. Sprint Retrospectives

“An insightful collection of patterns clearly explained and linked to coding activities and behaviors—also with great suggested actions; an excellent resource for modern software engineering professionals and product managers, across levels.”

George Krasadakis - Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft

“Engineering leaders who ignore data are at a serious disadvantage, which is why I highly recommend this accessible and practical book. You’ll be able to identify your team’s work patterns to detect potential problems early to keep your team engaged and on track.”

Aaron Silverman - VP Engineering at Storyblocks

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